Should I Hire a Bookkeeper?

     An entrepreneur is a special type of human, someone who is ready and willing to put on
any hat necessary to get the job done. It is understandable that a business owner feels like they
can take on this monthly task. “Why not? I do everything else around here!” That is admirable,
but the value of a great bookkeeper can out-weigh any of the costs savings in the long run. Here
is why:hire a bookkeeper


You can focus on RUNNING your business.

Bookkeeping is a very detailed oriented process. An accounting task that must be accomplished
monthly (sometimes daily) to give you insights into the health of the business, analyze sales
efforts, record income and expenses and get you ready to file your taxes at the end of the year.
It is a vital part of operations and without it, you are operating in the dark. The value in a
bookkeeper to a business owner is that they can trust that all these accounting task are being
completed for them while they can focus on what they do best. Making Money!

Bookkeeping MUST be done, CORRECTLY

If you don’t wake up out of bed in the morning wanting to reconcile bank accounts you
may want to consider hiring a bookkeeper. Taking a DIY approach and not understanding
bookkeeping and accounting terms and processes can get you into an accounting mess that
may be even more costly to correct. Do you know what goes on a Profit and Loss Report? What
goes on the Balance Sheet? How to categorize Asset? How to categorize a Current or LongTerm
Liability? Properly categorizing transactions are a vital component of the bookkeeper’s
job. They must meticulously ensure that the details of transactions are in the right place and
recorded and reconciled in the appropriate journal. Why? Because- TAXES. Income and
Expenses must be recorded monthly so that you are not rushing to complete a year’s worth of
bookkeeping come tax season. Having a bookkeeper to help you every month can also help
consult and forecast your tax implications at the end of the year.

Why Precision Bookkeeping?

If this sounds like a task that you would want to take off your plate so you can focus on
what you do best- running your business, call any one of our team members at Precision
Bookkeeping Solutions. We can help set you up on affordable monthly plans, and ensure that
your books are done timely and accurately. After all, this is what gets us out of bed in the

Margaux Cruzet, MBA
Operations Manager

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